Irish Dance Finland ry

inSpiral Dance Company Finland is run by a registered association of our teachers, Irish Dance Finland ry.

The association is non-profit, and its aim is to promote Irish dancing both as a hobby and a competitive sport in Finland. In practice, all of our weekly classes and other local activities are organised by our teachers independently but following the rules and best practices set out by the association.

Events aimed for all the dancers of inSpiral Dance Company Finland, such as workshops, summer schools, competitions and CLRG Grade Exams, are all organised by the association.

Documents of the association

You can find the association’s rules from this link (available only in Finnish).

Please see the minutes of the 2021 annual general meeting from this link (available only in Finnish).

Irish Dance Finland ry’s action report of 2020 can be found from this link (available only in Finnish).

Board of the association for the term 2021-2022


Saija Juvala (Turku region)


Vice chairman

Noora Karjalainen (Vaasa)



Nelli Sinisalo (Tampere region)

Board member

 Karoliina Hirvonen (Jyväskylä region)

Board member

Vilma Kivinen (Helsinki region)


Treasurer (non-committee)

Reetta Riihiaho