In Jyväskylä, you can enter the world of Irish dance in a warm, cheerful and encouraging group. Groups of different levels are still small so everyone practises together and gets support from each other as well. Teaching is organised so that the needs of different levels are taken into account in the classes. The teacher is Karoliina Hirvonen, and she is assisted by Katja Mattila. All interested dancers are very welcome to join at any time during the term.

Although teaching focuses primarily on competitions, competing is not a prerequisite for dancing with us. In the classes, we learn basic technique and steps, and assemble them into dances. As a dancer progresses, the level of difficulty gradually increases and thus everyone will be able to challenge themselves. A part of the classes is used to teach team dances (Ceilí) and if there is enthusiasm, we’ll make small performances for various events.

Classes are held on Sundays in the premises of Jyväskylän Tanssiopisto at Vapaudenkatu 48-50.

Spring term starts on January 14th.

The school does not provide insurance for dancers and therefore everyone is responsible of their own insurance in case of injuries.

Registration can be made through this form and is binding.

When enrolling for classes, the student agrees to follow the school’s rules.