Class names correspond to competition levels. In 2018-2019, we use transition levels which will smooth the path from one level to the other. It is highly recommended that competing dancers attend classes at all levels in which they have dances. Non-competing dancers are welcome to all classes, and they move from one level to the next when their technique develops and they learn the dances. The following guidelines can be used to help find the right class(es), but don’t hesitate to ask guidance from your teacher if needed.


We go through the basics of Irish dance and learn beginner dances, which include the soft shoe dances reel, light jig, single jig, and slip jig. In addition to learning the steps, attention is paid to learning the correct technique and gaining control of the legs and feet. We work on for example turning out and crossing the legs, staying high on toes, and pointing the feet. Overall carriage is also worked on from the very beginning with the aim of developing the still upper body which is characteristic of Irish dance.

You can start practising with hard shoes when the basics starts to feel under control.
In spring 2019 we have a separate hard shoe class for beginners.

This class is suitable for new beginners and dancers with some experience in Irish dance, as well as to those who wish to learn at a slower pace.
Dancers have experience for less than 1 year.

Advanced beginners / Primary

We practice basic technique and polish the beginner dances. In spring we start to learn and work on primary soft shoe dances, which include more complicated combinations, higher jumps and more difficult rhythms than the beginner dances. We also work on beginner hard shoe dances (heavy jig & hornpipe). Strength and stamina exercises are also part of the classes.
This class is suitable for dancers who are able to execute basic movements and know most of the beginner dances – typically after dancing for at least 1 year. This class suits also to primary / intermediate dancers who wish to learn and polish their own dances thoroughly or want to practice basic technique.

Primary / Intermediate

We work on primary / intermediate dances, based on the dancers’ experience. Dances at this level include fast footwork, high jumps, and complicated rhythms, so the classes focus on learning the movements and techniques they require. We also learning traditional set dances, such as St. Patrick’s Day and Blackbird. Strength and stamina exercises are also part of the classes.
In these levels dancers should have several years of experience in Irish dance.
Primary class is suitable for dancers who have good basic technique and know some of the primary level steps.
Intermediate class is suitable for dancers with strong basic technique, the ability to learn combinations quickly, and knowledge of some of the intermediate level steps.

More information
We are happy to help you to choose a class best suited for you via email and during the first classes of the term. If necessary, registrations can be transferred to another class with your teacher’s permission.