Karoliina Hirvonen

Primary / Intermediate / Open, online classes

Karoliina started dancing when she was 8 years old, and her repertoire includes also ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. She has been dancing Irish for 15 years. Karoliina’s teachers have been Tereza Bernardová (TCRG) and Piia-Maria Aho.

Karoliina has a lot of experience competing and performing in all her dance forms. She has travelled all over Europe competing with great success and has gathered valuable experience from major competitions as well, such as All Scotlands and RCCEA Mainland Europe Championships. She also has the title of Mainland Europe Intermediate Trophy Champion 2017.

Karoliina’s competitive level is Open Championship in Senior Ladies O23 and is representing inSpiral Dance Company Finland (CLRG). She also takes her Grade Exams regularly (10 out of 12 completed). She has also participated RCCEA’s Professional Development Seminar in May 2019 in Prague and Riverdance Online Summer School in 2020 and 2021.

As a teacher Karoliina is very strict about technique and rhythm but is still encouraging all her students to try and try a little bit more again.

Senja Kantola


Senja started Irish dancing in 2015 at Jyväskylä Dance Institute under the teaching of Piia-Maria Aho. The enthusiasm for the art form came from Youtube, where Senja found an Irish dance group competing in the British Talent show and wanted to try it herself. Now, Senja dances as a student of Karoliina Hirvonen and Tereza Bernardová (TCRG).

For the past few years Senja has performed and competed regularly in competitions and events held in Finland. She thinks the performances and competitions are great opportunities to see how you have progressed from the last time. She wants to encourage her students to show off their skills at a low threshold and rejoice in what they have learned.

Despite her multiple hobbies, Senja had not practiced any other dance forms before Irish dancing. She hopes to be a living example and an encouragement to others that without a strong dance background one can start and fall in love with Irish dance. Senja’s motto is, “If I could do it, so can you!”