Maanantai / MondayTiistai / TuesdayKeskiviikko / Wednesday
17:15 - 18:00Lapset / Children

16:45 - 18:00Alkeisjatko (advanced beginners), primary & intermediate
17:30 - 18:30Alkeet / Beginners

20:00 - 21:00Tekniikka / Technique*

Nelli & Lotta

*Technique-classes are held every other Wednesday
Teachers: Nelli and Lotta



The classes will be held at Tampere Stadium (Ratinan rantatie 1) in Voimistelusali 1 (Tuesday) and Balettisali (Monday and Wednesday). Technique classes will be at Tampereen Flamenco yhdistys, Pirkankatu 1.

Periods in autumn 2018

15 times divided into three periods:


PeriodDaysChanges/Cancellations by*
13.9. -
28.10 -


PeriodDaysChanges/Cancellations by*
15.9. -
210.10 -

Advanced beginners, Primary & Intermediate

PeriodDaysChanges/Cancellations by*
14.9. -
29.10 -
320.11. -

Ei opetusta: viikko 42
*Muutos- ja peruutusoikeus riippuu valitsemastasi maksutavasta, ks. säännöt.

*Right to changes and cancellations depends on the chosen payment option, see Rules.


Term feePeriod fee
Advanced beginners, Primary & Intermediate135€50€
Both adults classes200€80€

Enquire about the fee for class combinations by email.

Single classes: 15 €/class for Adults classes and 10 € in the children’s classes.


Absence from classes in Tampere

  • Missed classes can be made up for by attending classes at another level.  Please register two days ahead by email.
  • If you fall seriously ill or have to be absent from classes for a long time please contact us and we’ll work out a more flexible arrangement for making up the missed classes.


More information & registration


Register for the weekly classes by email.  Use the name of the class for which you are registering as the subject of the message, e.g., “Advanced Beginners” or “Children’s classes”. Please also include contact information (email and phone number) and the payment option (term or period fee). For children under 18, you must include contact details for a parent/guardian and a year of birth of a child.

Remember that registration is binding and indicates acceptance of the school’s rules.