New Beginners

This class is suitable for anyone from age 12 up who has never tried Irish dance before, no need for previous knowledge on the subject. During the classes we will learn the basic steps and technique and dance beginner level dances. You can also join these classes if you have only just started Irish dance or wish to rehearse steps and advance at a slower pace.

For the classes you need to wear some suitable clothing for exercising, you can dance with your socks on or barefeet, there is no need for purchasing Irish soft shoes for beginner classes. It’s also good to have a water bottle with you during the classes.

Advanced Beginners and  Primary

During Advanced Beginners’ classes we will learn and dance beginner dances . You can join these classes if you know at least some of the beginner soft shoe dances. Primary classes are suitable for dancers who have danced a few years and are able to learn more challenging primary dance steps.


The class consists of warm up, technique practice and practising both soft and hard shoe steps, with special focus on the tricky parts of each dance. In addition there will be dance through of the dances as a whole.

Sets & Treble reels

During this hard shoe course we will learn Traditional set dance Saint Patrick’s Day and one treble reel step that can be used e.g. in competitions (St. Patrick’s Day is required in grade exam 4). Everyone interested can participate as long as they have at least some idea of basic hard shoe steps (treble down, treble hop back). You don’t even have to have hard shoes yet, you can come and dance e.g. with your socks on your feet.