Class descriptions - Jyväskylä

Class names correspond to competition levels.
The following guidelines can be used to help find the right class(es).
  • Competitive dancers & dancers taking Grade Exams: It is highly recommended that dancers attend classes at all levels where they have dances at. Dancers are required to attend weekly classes regularly, as well as TCRG workshops organized by the dance school, in order to obtain a competition permit.

  • Non-competing dancers are welcome to all classes, and for them, moving from one level to the next is guided by development of technique and learning of the dances.


Competing in our dance school is completely voluntary.

New Beginners / Children & adults

We will go through the basics of Irish dance and learn Beginner dances, which include the soft shoe dances reel, light jig, single jig.

In addition to learning the steps, attention is paid on learning the correct technique and gaining control of legs and feet.
We’ll work on, e.g., turning out our feet and crossing the legs, staying high on the toes, and pointing the feet. Overall carriage is also worked on from the beginning with the aim of developing the still upper body which is characteristic of Irish dance.
If possible, we also get to know traditional group dances, céilís.

The class is suitable for new beginners as well as dancers with some experience in Irish dance who wish to learn at a slower pace.
Age limit for childrens’ classes is 4 years.

Advanced Beginners

We will practice basic technique and the already learned Beginner level dances, as well as learn the remaining Beginner level dances in soft shoes.
We will also start to learn how to dance with hard shoes.
If possible, we also get to know traditional group dances, céilís.

The class is suitable for dancers who are able to execute basic movements and at least some of the Beginner level dances – typically after dancing for at least half a year.


We will recap and polish Primary level dances in soft shoes and in hard shoes. The dancers who have not learned all the Beginner hard shoe dances (e.g. Beginner hornpipe) have a chance to learn them.
Besides basic technique, we will be perfecting the combinations, jumps, and rhythms required for the Primary level.
We will also continue to learn Traditional Set Dances, The Blackbird in particular. Strength and stamina exercises are also part of the classes.

The class is suitable for dancers who have good familiarity with basic movements and basic technique and know all Beginner level dances in soft shoes and preferably at least one dance in hard shoes – typically after dancing for at least 2 years.

In the spring of 2022, this class will be combined with an Intermediate level class.


In this class we learn and practice Intermediate level dances with soft shoes and hard shoes, and work on the movements and techniques the level requires. Dances at this level include fast footwork, high jumps, and more complicated rhythms.
We’ll also work on the strength and stamina that are needed to create an illusion of lightness and effortlessness. We will also start to learn modern sets and, if possible, more Traditional Set Dances.

The class is suitable for dancers with strong basic technique and the ability to learn combinations at a faster pace. Dancers must know all Primary level dances with soft and hard shoes or have moved to the Intermediate level through competition experience – typically after dancing for at least 4 years.

In the spring of 2022, this class will be combined with a Primary level class.

Show-style dancing

This class won’t be organized in spring 2022.

Have you always admired the choreographies of Riverdance or Lord of the Dance? Have you always wanted to be able to improvise steps and develop your own choreographies for any genre of music?

This class is just for you!

Anyone who knows the basic technique of Irish dance is welcome to the open level show class. This lesson focuses only on choreographing and learning the performance steps and arranging possible performances. During this class, all the dancers practise in one group, and therefore receive support from each other. This class has a very relaxed mood!

This lesson is recommended as an extra lesson for all of our students Primary level upwards who are interested in performing.

NOTICE! The price for this class is determined by the number of participants each week.

The participants share the studio rent one week at a time (21,25 € / 75 min), which makes up the price for the term.


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We are very happy to help with class selections!
If necessary, registration can be postponed to another class with the consent of your own teacher.
Please note that our teaching is constantly progressing. If you join in the middle of the season, it is recommended that you contact us before enrolling.