Turku - Class descriptions

Class names correspond to competition levels.
The following guidelines can be used to help find the right class(es), but don’t hesitate to ask guidance from your teacher if needed.
  • Competitive dancers & dancers doing Grade Exams: It is highly recommended that competitive dancers attend classes at all levels in which they have dances in. Dancers are required to attend weekly classes regularly, as well as TCRG workshops organized by the dance school, in order to obtain a competition permit.

  • Non-competitive dancers are welcome for classes at all levels, and their transition from one level to another is guided by the development of the technique required in Irish dancing as well as the learning the choreographies in the right way.

Competing in our dance school is completely voluntary.

New Beginners

There will not be a class for new beginners in spring 2022.

This class is suitable for anyone from age 12 up who has never tried Irish dance before, no need for previous knowledge on the subject. During the classes we will learn the basic steps and technique and dance beginner level dances. You can also join these classes if you have only just started Irish dance or wish to practise steps and advance at a slower pace. The maximum number of participants will be 9.

Advanced Beginner / Primary - towards Intermediate

During these classes we will learn and dance Beginner and Primary dances of our school and start learning Primary and Intermediate dances. Classes consist of a quick warm up & stretching at the end of the class, learning and practising the steps and dances, and also technique / stamina / strenghtening.

You can join these classes if you know at least some of the Beginner soft shoe dances. With Primary level dancers we will practise Primary dances and start learning Intermediate dances. Primary classes are suitable for dancers who have danced a few years and are able to learn more challenging primary dance steps.


The class consists of warm up, technique practice and practising both soft and hard shoe steps, with special focus on the tricky parts of each dance. In addition there will be dance through of the dances as a whole.

Scottish Highland Dance

Later on there will be a short introductory course on Scottish Highland Dance. During this course we will look at some basics and learn a few steps to a dance.
Details of this course will be published later.


Email us at inspiralturku@gmail.com

We are very happy to help with class selections!
If necessary, registration can be postponed to another class with the consent of your own teacher.
Please note that our teaching is constantly progressing. If you start in the middle of the season, it is recommended that you contact us before enrolling.