Rules of the dance school

Registration and fees

  • Registration for classes and courses (including workshops) is binding regardless of whether the registration is done via an online form or by email. Fees must be paid by the due date for all completed registrations. Late payments will accrue interest and fees as per the finnish law.
  • Registrations for weekly classes are valid for the entire school year (autumn + spring terms) unless they are cancelled according to the conditions below.
  • Payment options for weekly classes may vary by city. For more information, see the weekly class pages of each city.
  • Dancers who have selected term fees may cancel their registration for the spring term by informing the school by email at least two weeks before the beginning of the term. This also applies to changing terms fees to period fees.
  • Dancers who have selected period fees may cancel their registrations from the beginning of a new period by informing the school by email at least two weeks before the beginning of the period. This also applies for the beginning of the spring term.
  • Course (incl. workshop) registrations cannot be cancelled after the registration deadline unless stated otherwise in the course description. However, a class can be exchanged to another class of the same or lower price, subject to availability.
  • If a cancellation is not made in time according to the above rules, fees must be paid in full. Not showing up in a class/course or failure to pay the invoice are not cancellations. No refunds are made for registrations cancelled during a term or a period.


The dance school’s non-open events

  • Events, which are open only to the dancers of our school, can be attended by:
    (I) dancers with current registration on local weekly classes AND who attend these classes regularly, as well as
    (II) local teachers registered as members of Irish Dance Finland who have paid their membership fee.
  • If a dancer resides in an area where teaching is offered only as shorter courses/workshops, or there are no classes suitable for the dancer’s level, they should contact the local teacher to find out how (I) is applied.
  • Dancers residing in areas with no local teaching at all can contact the committee of Irish Dance Finland ry directly. If necessary, (II) may be applied in these cases.



  • The dance school is registered under An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha (CLRG) and follows the rules of CLRG.
  • In order to compete, a dancer must take part in four (4) of inSpiral Dance Company Finland’s TCRG Tereza Bernardová’s workshops per year.


General info

  • Classes start if there are enough registrations for them. Classes can be cancelled or combined if the number of registrations decreases below the starting limit at the change of period or term. Registered participants will be informed of the starting, cancellation or combining of classes after the last registration or cancellation date.
  • Dance steps may only be videoed with a teacher’s permission, and such videos may only be used as an aid for practicing. Publishing videos is strictly prohibited.
  • The school has no insurance for the dancers. All dancers are responsible for their own insurance.
  • Missed classes can be made up by attending other classes in the school. For more information, please contact your teacher.


Instructions for dance classes

  • Dancers must wear clothing suitable for Irish dance in classes: comfortable clothes that do not prevent movements, e.g. a t-shirt and shorts. At higher levels, appropriate shoes (soft/hard shoes) are necessary. Beginners may also use e.g. ballet shoes or dance sneakers; for the first classes you can also come in just socks.
  • Remember to bring a water bottle.
  • Please arrive on time. Warm up and technique sections are an essential part of classes.
  • Bring a good mood and lots of energy with you to class!